Retirement Tips You Can Digest in 60 Seconds

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Once upon a time, there was a retirement nest egg not to be confused with those ordinary chicken laying eggs.

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Take the Outside-In View, Not the Inside-Out View of Your Customers

If you are typical, a business using your website to generate ROI that hopes to do one or both of two things: (1) Sell product or service; or (2) Create business leads. By doing either or both, a business site should avoid the inside-out view. That is, not insuring the needs of customers are met by looking at your business as a business and your customers the same way.
The opposite view, the outside-in view is exploring your customers in terms of their goals, question marks in their minds, their online behavior, how they view your company and your products, and many other aspects. Ignoring theses truths of  your target market mind set of will make it easy for them to move on and spend their money elsewhere.

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Play it Straight to Get Higher Standings on Search Engines

To bump up your standings know that Google doesn’t have a sense of humor.  Keep your business key words and search phases serious and consistent.  No cute phases that might appeal to humans.  Leave those messages for your shared social media.  Blend all your key words and key phases with your Meta tags, title pages and page descriptions.   This includes your H1 heads subheads, and text where necessary.  Unify your message throughout to optimize for Google and other search engines.

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“Crowd Sourcing”: New Way to Design Your Business Logo with Top Creative and Low Cost

Think you need to have a distinct logo for your business? What’s the best way? One is to do it on your own (not recommended)… or hire a big box agency and spend a lot of money…  or give it to a small designer like myself who will create no more than a few designs for you to approve.

Have you heard of “crowd sourcing”?  This is where you have many designers (50-150+) compete for your project hoping to win your business by standing out from the crowd (pun).  This is a win-win for you. You will be able to choose from dozens of designs at the cost you determine upfront. The more you budget, the more sample designs you will have for review.  Basic fee is $199.  Here’s a site to check out:  There are others but this one has an easy site to navigate, big buttons, seems to be up & up, and offers a money-back guarantee (meaning you can walk away with a small fee paid if you don’t like what all these designers come up with. (180 wds).

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Copyright Law is Alive and Well on the Internet

Think the Internet is a treasure trove of information ripe for the picking? Think again. The Internet is no different from other forms of human creativity (inventions, songs, articles, books, etc). Most Internet material is protected by either copyright or trademark law. Copyright protects the specific and tangible expression of an idea, not the idea itself. If you lifted an article from an author about aliens from Mars, you would be in violation. If you nurtured the idea of writing an article on aliens, you would be OK.  Copyright attaches itself to an author as soon as he/she creates it.  The owner has six rights one being no “reproduction” including downloading.  Users can come under “Fair Use” which is defined as a limited use of copyright-protected work. Purpose, nature, how much and the effect on society are legally judged on a case-by-case basis.  Best advice: Getting permission, paying a fee, finding flexible licensing agreements, using non protected works (authors life + 70 years) are all ways to obey the law. For more:

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Search Engine Optimization: Don’t fall for those pitches about putting your web site on 200 search engines.

Put your efforts in getting your web site posted high in the search engines by first

concentrating on Google. After all, 65% of persons surfing the web turn to Google first.

     At the same time, don’t forget that number #2 search engine:Yahoo.

Yahoo requires a written site description. If you get listed on Yahoo, Google’s

spiders appear to welcome you in much easier than if you tried to concentrate on Google alone.

In short, go after both this big boys. Another bonus going for Yahoo is meeting their requirement of

forcing you to refine and boil down a good description of your site. This will come in handy as you

will use the description over and over again in submissions, in your meta tags and in your

page copy.

Most of the 200 or so search engines that firms are trying to get you to pay for a program all spend

off the major search engines anyway so use your time wisely and make your present known

on the web with Google and Yahoo. (Reading Time: 56 seconds)

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“60 Seconds”Explained

Two elements make up this blog concept.  1. You are a busy person especially if you run or own a small business. 2. You need good marketing tips if you run or own a small business.  That being said, this blog intends to give your quality marketing ideas on a fast food platter.  Dec/2010.  It took you approximately 12 seconds to read this statement:

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