Search Engine Optimization: Don’t fall for those pitches about putting your web site on 200 search engines.

Put your efforts in getting your web site posted high in the search engines by first

concentrating on Google. After all, 65% of persons surfing the web turn to Google first.

     At the same time, don’t forget that number #2 search engine:Yahoo.

Yahoo requires a written site description. If you get listed on Yahoo, Google’s

spiders appear to welcome you in much easier than if you tried to concentrate on Google alone.

In short, go after both this big boys. Another bonus going for Yahoo is meeting their requirement of

forcing you to refine and boil down a good description of your site. This will come in handy as you

will use the description over and over again in submissions, in your meta tags and in your

page copy.

Most of the 200 or so search engines that firms are trying to get you to pay for a program all spend

off the major search engines anyway so use your time wisely and make your present known

on the web with Google and Yahoo. (Reading Time: 56 seconds)

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